What are your COVID-19 Precautions?

We take COVID-19 precautions seriously. All staff are vaccinated, we’re eating lunch outside, we have windows open and purification systems in each room. Classes are designed for flexible in-person education, with the capacity of meeting remotely when required.

Why bilingual?

  • Passport to the world: there are more bi-lingual speakers than mono-lingual speakers
  • More brain power: the more you use your brain, the stronger it becomes
  • Delayed dementia: bi-lingual people were diagnosed with dementia 5 years later than mono-lingual people
  • Superior self-regulation: better focus, better self-control, better ability to deal with conflicting demands
  • Improves literacy skills in first and second languages
  • Promotes creativity and superior complex problem solving
  • Develops neural pathways more fully
  • Helps children develop into global citizens
  • Fosters multicultural competency
  • Prepares children to more readily acquire third and fourth languages
  • Provides the basis for lifelong political, business, social, and educational assets

When can we register?

Registration for new families opens in February.  Registration is open until classes are filled, so be sure and register early.  Complete your online registration form here and send us an email to set up a tour. Questions? We’d be happy to answer them! Email us at info.pepitaspreschool@gmail.com

How many classes are offered?

We are currently offering six classes: two 3s classes, a 4s class, two pre-k classes, and a kindergarten class.

How many kids will be in each class? 

Pepitas maintains an 8:1 students ration – but averages 6:1 in most classes.

How old does my child need to be to attend Pepitas?

Students need to be 3 years by August 31 to join our 3s class

Students need to be 4 years by January to join our 4s class

Students need to be 4 by August 31 to join our pre-k class

Students need to be 5 by September 31 to join our kinder class

Does my child need to be potty trained? 


Will my child eat at school?

Yes, students will have two opportunities to eat while at school. ALl students will be offered a snack (pretzles) and will bring lunch to eat each day. Pepitas is a nut-free and sugary treat-free school. We serve water during lunch, snacks, and throughout the day.

What is a cooperative Wednesday field trip?

Our field trip day is Wednesday! We schedule field trips to places like the fire station, the farm, the theater, and the pumpkin patch once a month. Field trips are a wonderful way for us to take learning out into the world. Our field trips are a cooperative experience and parents/guardians are responsible for transporting and supervising their students on field trips. Some parents organize to send their students with other Pepitas families, with grandparents, neighbors, or nannies. Siblings are welcome. Pepitas field trips are a great way to get to know other families and build up our community. Participation in our field trips is encouraged but not required.

Students in our preschool classes do not have class on Wednesdays. Please see our Kinder page to see the Wednesday schedule for our kinder students.

Space is limited.  Register here today!

More questions? Send them to info.pepitaspreschool@gmail.com and we’ll get an answer to you!