Why bilingual?

  • Passport to the world: there are more bi-lingual speakers than mono-lingual speakers
  • More brain power: the more you use your brain, the stronger it becomes
  • Delayed dementia: bi-lingual people were diagnosed with dementia 5 years later than mono-lingual people
  • Superior self-regulation: better focus, better self-control, better ability to deal with conflicting demands
  • Improves literacy skills in first and second languages
  • Promotes creativity and superior complex problem solving
  • Develops neural pathways more fully
  • Helps children develop into global citizens
  • Fosters multicultural competency
  • Prepares children to more readily acquire third and fourth languages
  • Provides the basis for lifelong political, business, social, and educational assets

When can we register?

Registration for new families opens in February.  Registration is open until classes are filled, so be sure and register early.  Complete your online registration and send us an email to set up a tour. Questions? We’d be happy to answer them! Email us at info.pepitaspreschool@gmail.com.

How much is Pepitas?

  • $285/month for our 2-day classes (Red and Orange)
  • $485/month for our 4-day classes (Yellow and Green)
  • $650/month for our pre-k 5-day class
  • $45/month for Breakfast Club
  • $45/month for lunch bunches
  • $160 enrollment fee for new families, $100 enrollment fee for returning families

These prices apply to the 2020 school year


How many classes are offered?

We are currently offering five classes plus four enrichment classes.

How many kids will be in each class? 

Each class is limited to a 1:8 teacher/student ratio.

Will you serve lunch? 

No. But we will have a hefty snack time; a time to sit together and recharge our minds and bodies with a healthy snack.

How old does my child need to be to attend Pepitas?

Students must be 3 years by September 1 of the year they enroll to join our classes. Students must be 4 years by August 31st of the year they enroll to join the 5-day pre-K class.

Space is limited.  Register today!

More questions? Send them to info.pepitaspreschool@gmail.com and we’ll get an answer to you!