Preschool Classes

At Pepitas we play! Students are exposed to a wide variety of individual and collaborative art projects; science experiments and math exploration; literacy through stories, songs, and early reading and writing skills; outside adventures on the playground; snack time where we take time to replenish our energy, enjoy each other, and discuss aspects of our weekly theme; circle time where we advance the calendar, discuss la clima, sing songs, and read books; and music time where we sing, dance, and play instruments. And of course, we focus on Spanish and English throughout the day. We don’t have a designated Spanish time; we speak and sing Spanish and English all day!  Pepitas is a wonderful place to introduce your child to school – we are dedicated to making learning joyful!

Important Notes

  • Pepitas Preschool admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.
  • We take COVID-19 precautions seriously. All staff are vaccinated, all students and staff are wearing maskings, we’re eating lunch outside, we have windows open and purification systems in each room. Classes are designed for flexible in-person education, with the capacity of meeting remotely when required.
  • Pepitas’ school calendar is inspired by the Shoreline School District. Our holidays and closures are consistent with Shoreline Schools, with occasional variations.

2022 Classes 

For the coming 2022 school year, Pepitas will offer four classes: including a kindergarten class for students who are 5 years by September 31, two Pre-k classes, a 4s class, and a 3s class.

Open Houses for new families will be held on January 22 from 10am – 1pm. Sign up for a tour here. All are welcome to come and see the school, meet our staff, and learn more about our program. Students welcome. Masks required. All new families must attend an open house or a tour to enroll at Pepitas for fall 2022 . You can add your name to our waitlist here. You can email us anytime at

Pre-Kindergarten Classes

  • For students who are 4- and 5-years old and who plan to attend kindergarten in 2023
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • 9:00am – 1:00pm
  • Monthly cooperative field trips on Wednesdays
  • $595/month

4s Class 

  • For students who are 4-years-old by December 2022 and who do not plan to attend kindergarten the following year
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • 9:00am – 1:00 pm
  • Monthly cooperative field trips on Wednesdays
  • $595/month
Ms. Carol & Ms. Ivonne in the Red Class (4s)

NEW for 2022 – 3s Class

For students who are 3-years-old by September 2022 and who are potty trained
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
9:00am – 1:00 pm
Monthly cooperative field trips on Wednesdays

Teachers TBA