Love and Logic

At Pepitas Preschool, we are pleased to be using the Love and Logic philosophy in conjunction with Brookside Elementary and Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church Sunday School program.

Effective teaching centers around love: love that is not permissive, love that doesn’t tolerate disrespect, but also love that is powerful enough to allow kids to make mistakes and permit them to live with the consequences of those mistakes and permit them to live with the consequences of those mistakes. Most mistakes do have logical consequences. And those consequences, when accompanied by empathy—our compassionate understanding of the child’s disappointment, frustration, and pain—hit home with mind- changing power.

The teaching with Love and Logic philosophy allows children to grow in maturity as they grow in years. It will teach them to think, to decide, and to live with their decisions. In short, it will teach them responsibility, and that’s what teaching is all about. If we can teach our kids responsibility, we’ve  accomplished a great portion of our teaching task.

What greater gift can teachers give their students that the opportunity for a joyful, productive, and responsible adult life? With the principles of teaching with Love and Logic, that’s what we hope to achieve.